A Fashion Brand that celebrates Indian-ness.

We Banjare known are the Colourful Community and we are real Entrepreneur. We love colours and do things differently, try new things, different designing clothes and colours. Trying new things. Using the spirit and rhythm of contemporary India, our mission is to deliver world class quality through deliberate and persistent innovation.

Our inspiration The Banjare has gone further, to the edge, exploring and discovering, in its roots, is resolutely Indian. Our mark, The Arrow, is a tribute to the Tribal people of India. The magic of our diverse, imperfect, yet powerful country is so much a part of who we are. We’d like you to feel a bit of that magic every time you’re wearing one of our creations. Our collections are influenced heavily by this culture, phenomenon, tradition and vibe. Here, you can most directly see how India is inspiring some of our most iconic pieces.